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"Roll Deep Or Don't Roll At All"

Yasmin Tha Crook:

Yo dis be ya soulja girl Yasmin Tha Crook. I'm the founder of this sight, chea.  I'm reppin' the Crooked Crew if ya didnt know then now ya know, I'm the real captain of the hood.

Crooked Rhymes:
Fuck The World
Ey yo lemme tell you bout a story I told/ about a girl wit a heart of gold/ turned to stone/ raped by the world and left to die alone/ now she cries inside/ and she tries to hide/ but her scares show on the outside/ suicide/ make her self known/ to the world that she called her home/ hardships shown/ by now she coulda woulda been grown/ but now i stare at her head stone/ in the grave yard on this evenin so cold/ she needed help but they turned her away, all the poeple she told/ her life was fucked and so her heart grew old/ al she wanted was sumone to hold/ the media poisoned her mind/ cuz it used to be as pure as mine/ but her thoughts grew weaker over time/ and her will to die inclined/she had no idea life was timed/nor did i know i could write this rhyme/ but the truth unfolds in time.


I'm a fuckin soulja son/ fuck what they told ya son/ I come strapped wit major guns/ need weed?...I got tons/ smoke 'til ya fill ya lungs/ I be a bitch if ya eva new one/ im a crook fuck u otha cats/ I break yo back/ got major cash stacked/ its not boastin its a fact/ im str8 hood when it comes to these hoodrats/ young niggas think they hard? they get bitch slapped/ didnt hear it the first time i'll run it back/ snow man? im a blizzard man/ got ice fallin from every joint arm wrist and hand/  I got groupies son, fuck a fan/ we hood souljas/ fuck what they told ya

cReAtED 2B HaTeD
They call me capin' cuz I come wit a crunch/ Im like da hawiian man I pack a mean punch/ aint nun out there that can beat me yet/ see mah rhymes put ya mind in a mental check/even in a tired state of mind im meant to wreck/ Im a machine when it comes to rap/ its like I cant stop when I start I snap/ a few words will get u hooked like crack/ I aint boastin im just statin da facts/ sum say I got no heart and I got no balls/ well they're right on half i got no balls/ but I got guts and thats sumthin u dont have/I can talk shit and back it up when i say ima do what ima do i do it and i do it fast/ I make moves cant afford to hesitate/ my motto is if I die then it must be fate/ and i pray to god my soul to take/ cuz the devils had it for too long / an I dont want to be weak anymore I need to be strong/ so i take one last breath and i close my eyes/ i drop one more tear, shh no more cries/ silence falls and noone dare break the sound/ my shit is so deep its past hitin the ground/ I say these last words in hopes you'll undastand/ Caps last words "im my own biggest fan"



Tribute To Pac
2pac was the realist Artist alive or dead. His Shit is Deep.

"Why am I fighting to live, if I'm just living to fight
why am I trying to see, when there aint nothing in sight
why am I trying to give, when no1 gives me a try
why am i dying to live, when I'm just living to die.?"

My Tribute...

This is a tribute to everything real/ Sometimes wishin life wasnt real/ I look into the sky every night/ and a single tear falls from my eye/ thats how i know your lookin down on my life/ and watchin ova me in my pain and striffe/ growin up you were a roll model and a vision of truth/ everytime I needed a friend I turned to you/ Your music cured mah wounded soul/ and even though your gone my heart u still console/ I listen to your words and I cry sumtimes/ Wonderin the same things that were goin thru ya mind/ You have no idea what u did, you changed my life/ and I can only repay you by continuin to live day and night/ u knew how hard it was to survive on the streets/ I think thats why I felt you could relate to me/ growin up you were my own best friend/ and though i didnt know u personaly when u left it hurt real bad/ I can only imagin the pain ya family must feel/ the rumors about u still livin, im wishin they were real/ I got 4 blunts and abottle of hennesy/ I'll save one puff and a sip to you from me.

2pac shakur  JUNE 16 1971-...... (he'll always be alive through his music)


Yo we da crookz of da street steady hustlin/ makin green and stay bustin/ strapped wit tech nines and ar-15's/ slang dat rock n we slang that green/ workin in da trap day in an day out/ we da crooks of this city, put a cap n a snitch quick, now hush ya mouth. chea.

Da Real Captian Of Tha Hood