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Soulja Girl Blasian

Home Of The Crooks
Crooked Pic's

Soulja Girls Home Page

Da REAL Captain Of Da Hood

Welcome to the online hood a.k.a. Soulja Girls page if ya didn't know  then now you know I'm the real hood captain. I'm a blasian mami from the south, chea. They call me Yasmin The Crook. IM BACKKKKK ...Reppin Tarpon High a.k.a. Murk City High School Jeah home of dem real ni99as ALSO.. St. Pete Northside Southside All Day FA SHO!!!. Im originaly that soulja girl from da VA an DC area. BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY BIG BRO. SEAN!!!! LOL
Homeboys:          Homegirls:
Mookie                D'atra
Bryan                  JoJo
Mike                    Audra
Ken                     Daniela
Christian              Nadiya
Savion (Joshua)    Lexy

Da Street Crew:
Yasmin Da Crook
Soulja Girl Dee
Soulja Boy Black
Soulja Girl Bri
Soulja Boy Ace
Soulja Boy Brice
Soulja Girl Asia  
Soulja Boy Trey       


Crooked K
Mookie That Cat (Yes he is a real cat.......Thas Gangsta.) lmfao.


Yo we da crookz of da street steady hustlin/ makin green and stay bustin/ strapped wit tech nines and ar-15's/ slang dat rock n we slang that green/ workin in da trap day in an day out/ we da crooks of this city, put a cap n a snitch quick, now hush ya mouth. chea.

Da Real Captian Of Tha Hood